Are you interested in knowing how to share your music through Spotify? Then this is the part of the guide that is right for you. In fact, below I will show you how to share the playlists or the music listened to on the service, using both the “desktop” program for Windows / macOS and the apps for Android and iOS.

If you have not yet installed the program or app of your interest on the device you are currently using, you can take a look at my guide on how to download Spotify for free to receive precise instructions on page

Share Spotify playlists

To share a playlist from Spotify for Windows or macOS, start the program, as usual, log in to your account, if necessary, and click on the Playlist section located on the left. At this point, identify the playlist you want to share, click on the button (⋮) corresponding to it, and click on the Share item located in the menu displayed.

Next, indicate where to share the playlist of your choice, by selecting one of the available options: you can choose to share it within a program installed on your computer (if available) or whether to share it within a social network. In the latter case, a browser window should immediately open on the sharing area of ​​the chosen social network: to conclude, all you have to do is type a message, if you wish, and click on the publish button displayed on the screen.

If, on the other hand, you use Spotify from a smartphone or tablet (the apps for Android and iOS are practically identical), you must first start the relative app, log in, if necessary, and then press the My library button located at the bottom of the right.

Once this is done, touch the Playlist item, touch the playlist to share, and press the (pulsante) button located at the top right. Finally, select the Share item from the next screen and select the destination of your sharing (it can be another app installed on the system or one of the social networks supported by Spotify).

Share Spotify links

What if you want to get the link of a playlist, an album, or a song in particular, and then manually paste it where you want most? No problem: you can do this too! To proceed, you must follow a procedure very similar to the one I showed you a moment ago: locate the playlist, song, or album of your interest, press the corresponding button (⋮), and select the items  Share> Copy link [content]  from the menu that opens.

In this way, the link to the chosen music content will be saved in the clipboard of the operating system (smartphone or tablet), ready to be pasted in a chat, in a sharing window, on social networks, in an app, or wherever you want...


Users who receive the link will be able to reproduce it simply by clicking on it, through a player "embedded" in the browser (or, in some cases, in the app), regardless of whether they are subscribed to Spotify or not.