Hysteroscopy treatment is a process in which your surgeon will make a small incision in your skin so that a small-diameter device can be inserted into your uterus. This device works with a light and a small camera on its tip to allow surgeons to monitor what is occurring inside your uterus.

Hysteroscopy test used when:

  • To discover trouble in the uterus area
  • To get assistance for the removal of fibroids and polyps
  • To get visuals of another test result
  • Connected with laparoscopic procedures  

Hysteroscopy Surgery  procedure: 

Hysteroscopy Test procedure is-

  • In the first step, your doctor will spread the cervix with a speculum tool.
  • The doctor will insert a hysteroscope instrument through your vaginal opening to pass from the cervix to your uterus.
  • Carbon dioxide gas will be inserted into your uterus with the help of a device to clear the surface.
  •  Your doctor will monitor the insides of the uterus and fallopian tubes, With the help of light and a camera at the end of the hysteroscope.

Complications after hysteroscopy surgery: 

There are not any specific complications after Hysteroscopy Surgery. However, some of the most common complications are-

  • Infection- You might get an infection after performing a minor surgery 
  • Heavy bleeding- You might bleed from your vagina from 7 to 10 days after undergoing the hysteroscopy test.
  • Side effects- If you get allergic to the dye that is inserted into your uterus or the liquid gas, then you might little a few side effects
  • Chills- You might feel cold 
  • Fever- You might get suffered from fever 
  • Severe pain-  You will get suffered from body pain 
  • Cramping mild nausea- You will suffer from aching or a tightening, usually in the lower abdomen, upper thighs, or lower back.
  • Dizziness- A false sense of motion, lightheadedness, or feeling faint like unsteadiness or a loss of balance

Hysteroscopy test cost in India:

The Hysteroscopy test cost depends on multiple factors, ranging from Rs. 17,850 to Rs. 53,550 in India.

Minimum costs start from Rs. 17,850

Average costs start from Rs. 26,250

Maximum costs start from Rs. 53,550

Recovering after hysteroscopy test:

You can go back to work or come to your day-to-day activities right after the treatment like-

  • You can eat food and drink liquid
  • You can take a shower the next day
  • You should avoid sex until vaginal bleeding stops

How to Know more?

A hysteroscopy test is usually performed to understand the complications faced by couples trying to complete the reproduction process proficiently. Hence, it also becomes essential for you to know in detail about hysteroscopy and its significant factors, which can only be done by having an appointment with a specialist at Crysta IVF that believes in providing effective treatment at a budget-friendly Hysteroscopy Cost.


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