Ways to Enjoy Your May Bank Holidays

May is a busy month for Bank Holidays. Some people really relish them; they are time off work. For those in hospitality Bank Holidays are eagerly anticipated as customers look forward to relaxing, spending their money as they make the most of their free weekends. Many businesses use them as the perfect opportunity to run special promotions.

Here are some thoughts on ways to enjoy your May Bank holidays:

- Plan ahead. Organize dates in advance so that arrangements with family and friends are in the diary. Leaving invitations until the last-minute can appear disrespectful or you may risk rejection if they've made other plans. Everyone can bring a contribution so that one person doesn't end up doing all the work or footing the entire bill.

- Have a plan B. It's good to arrange a barbecue or a picnic in the park. But what if it rains? Children enjoy eating a picnic indoors, sat with a tablecloth spread out on the lounge floor. Adult guests require a better alternative; even a relaxed buffet at home with board games or charades needs to be anticipated. Impromptu events are often the ones remembered with affection, but it's important to have a few ideas in reserve, just in case.

- Do things as a family. Use the opportunity to spend time with your partner or children. A bike ride, day at the beach, walk in the park are inexpensive ways to enjoy each others company and reconnect. Include the children in the decision-making process. Encourage them to suggest activities; older children may even enjoy the opportunity to organise and plan a day out and it helps them to feel more responsible and involved.

- Check out the free entertainment. Museums, art galleries, parks, open air concerts often have special events over Bank Holiday weekends to draw people in. Many other attractions provide money off vouchers, family tickets or two for the price of one admissions. Check local magazines, libraries and the internet and you may save a lot of money whilst introducing interesting ways to pass the time.

- If you have a lot of work to catch up on try to allocate yourself some free time too. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself some time to relax and be a little easy-going. Bank Holidays can provide a welcome opportunity to work uninterrupted, but giving yourself a break is also important. Breaks provide time to de-stress and allow your thinking to clear. Then when you return to your task you'll feel re-energised and possibly even with a new perspective on your task in hand.

- If you're spending the Bank Holidays alone plan some treats and pamper yourself. Turn a potentially lonely, difficult time into a relaxing, self-indulgent occasion. Plan your viewing, organize your favourite foods, have clean sheets on your bed, a vase of fresh flowers on display. Arrange things that make you feel good.

- Leave some free time so that you can be whimsical. Not every moment has to be accounted for. Enjoy having time to potter in the garden, watch a film or simply relax and do nothing.

Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief, with couples in crisis to improve communications and understanding and with business clients to support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams. https://www.localworkingtimes.com/bank-holidays