You have multiple records and you are working to write down the serial number again and again. It’s time to stop writing down your serial number by yourself because we have the most feasible solution for you. Adopt the plugin in your CRM business called SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator. What key role will it play? The extension saves your time as it will automatically write down the serial number for you. You don’t need to check the column to find whether it is working correctly or not. 

You will always get a unique ID number and the add-on will not miss any column. Unique ID Generator is introduced by Outright Store where it has the functionality to entail prefix and suffix. And one of the core features of this add-on is it will also give the serial number to your existing records. SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator will work if the module has no auto-increment field. The plugin is absolutely brilliant for the sectors like call center, marketing organization, IT industry, etc. Adopt this A+ plugin in your business to frees up your time and efforts.